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Causative adalah kalimat yang menyatakan bahwa orang lain lah yang melakukan pekerjaan untuk subjek kalimat.
Pola – pola kalimat
A. Subject +have +active object + infinitive without to
B. Subject + have + passive object + past participle + (by someone else)
A. Pola ini menerangkan bahwa seseorang menyebabkan orang lain melakukan sesuatu
He has them answer the question
(Dia menyuruh mereka menjawab pertanyaan itu)
Kata kerja lain yang di pakai dengan cara ini adalah make dan get
o He makes them answer the question
o He gets them to answer the question
B. Cara lain untuk menyatakan causative adalah dengan menggunakan pola B, menyebabkan sesuatu dikerjakan orang lain. Selain “Have” kita juga dapat menggunakan “get”
I had my shoes cleaned
(Means: I asked someone to clean my shoes my shoes for me) = I got my shoes cleaned
She had the floor sweept
(Means: someone must sweep the floor for her)
Apabila “have” dipakai dengan cara ini, bentuk negative dan interrogative nya menggunakan do/did.
You have your windows cleaned every month. (+)
Do you have your windows cleaned every month? (?)
I had them cleaned yesterday. (+)
I didn‟t have them cleaned yesterday. (-)
1. He doesn‟t have time to go to the post office so he has the package …………..
(A) Delivered (D) delivering
(B) Delivers (E) deliver
(C) To be delivered
2. I don‟t understand English at all; therefore, I have the article ………….
(A) Translates (D) to be translated
(B) Translated (E) translates
(C) Translate
3. “Can you send this letter for me? I‟m in a hurry.”
“Don‟t worry, I will have Tina ……………”
(A) Fax (D) faxes
(B) Faxed (E) to fax
(C) Will faxed
4. “I‟ve tried to fix my motorbike, but it is still not running well.”
“Why don‟t you have a mechanic …….. it?”
(A) Check (D) in checking
(B) Checking (E) checked
(C) To check
5. My mother always has the flowers …………..
(A) Watering (D) to water
(B) Watered (E) waters
(C) To be watered
6. The teacher had students who didn‟t bring their identification cards ……. the auditorium where the exam were held.
(A) Left (D) leaving
(B) Leave (E) leaves
(C) To leave
7. As I found that not all of the workshop participants knew about this week‟s schedule, I got my secretary ………. it right away.
(A) Distributing (D) to distribute
(B) Distributed (E) in distributing
(C) She distributes
8. “I don‟t think you can translate the whole book by yourself.”
“ You‟re right but I‟d like to …………. a part of it for me.”
(A) Have you translate (D) have been translating
(B) Have to translate for you (E) you have translating
(C) You have to translate
9. “I know that you have left these computers idle for some time because they are slow. Please, ………….. at once to make them efficient for our work.”
(A) Having to be upgraded (D) have them upgrade
(B) Have them upgraded (E) to have them upgraded
(C) They have been upgraded
10. I spilled some ink on my coat, so I must ………… at the laundry immediately
(A) Clean it (D) have it to be cleaned
(B) Have cleaned it (E) have it cleaned
(C) Have to clean it

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