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Concord atau agreement adalah persesuaian antara subject dalam suatu kalimat dengan kata kerja / auxiliary-nya.
Persesuaian yang harus diperhatikan sebagai berikut.
A. Apabila subject kalimat dalam bentuk singular (tunggal), harus digunakan kata kerja/ auxiliary untuk singular (tunggal)
– Sebuah subject yang diawali oleh kata: every …., each of, neither of …, one of… dianggap singular
The school has a lot of classrooms; each of them is equipped with an overhead projector.
Each of the participants has received an invitation
Everyone likes her
The actress, along with her manager and some friends, is going to a party.
– Subject yang menyatakan jumlah jarak, volume, berat dan waktu selalu dianggap tunggal.
Five hundred miles is a long distance to drive in one day.
– Subject yang berupa kata benda abstrak atau bentuk dari gerund selalu dianggap tunggal.
Mrs. Tamara‟s way of teaching and of dealing with students has earned the name of model teacher.
The shipment of logs has been postponed because of the bad weather.
Producing fine paintings requires skill and creativity
The production process in the textile pants needs to be monitored.
– Subject singular tetap di ikuti oleh kata kerja/auxiliary singular apabila subjek tersebut di ikuti ungkapan as well as, along with, together with, in addition to dan accompanied by.
The teacher, along with her students, is viewing a film
He together with his friends has finished the test.
Berikut beberapa kata yang selalu di anggap singular
– Any+singular e.g. anybody, anyone, no one, no body, anything, nothing
– Some+singular noun e.g someone, something
Nobody works harder than Joan does
Something was under the house.
A number + plural noun + plural verb/ auxiliary
The number + plural noun + singular verb/ auxiliary
A number of students are going to the class picnic
The number of days in a week is seven.
B. Apa bila subject kalimat dalam bentuk plural (jamak) harus di pergunakan kata kerja untuk plural.
– Subject yang dirangkai oleh and atau both … and … mengharuskan verb/ auxiliary plural.
A red Honda and blue ford are parked outside
Both elephant and tiger are becoming extinct.
– Kata several, many, few, selalu di ikuti oleh verb plural.
Example: Only a few have passed.
– Banyak kata-kata yang mungkin singular atau plural bergantung pada kemana kata tersebut mengacu: all, any, majority, half, no dan sebagainya. Saat kata-kata ini diikuti eleh frasa berpreposisi, jumlah objek berpreposisilah yang menentukan apakah verb singular ataukah plural yang harus digunakan.
All of the books have been destroyed
No example is relevant
No examples are relevant
1. Different interpretations on the same event by various newspapers …………. readers confused and angry.
(A) to make (D) it makes
(B) they make (E) makes
(C) make
2. All of these applicants ………… by the executives of the company.
(A) have been highly recommended
(B) has been highly recommended
(C) is commended highly
(D) it is recommended
(E) they have been recommended highly
3. The most common large animals in the Western part of the United States ……….. the mule deer.
(A) are (D) they are
(B) being (E) is
(C) to be
4. The installation of various high-tech electrical devices in our office a sophisticated safety system.
(A) requiring (D) require
(B) requires (E) it requires
(C) to require
5. The instability of economic and political condition ……….. the majoring of the Indonesia people to live in poverty.
(A) causes (D) causing
(B) have caused (E) were causing
(C) it causes
6. A major problem in the construction of new buildings …………. that window have been eliminated while air conditioning system have not been perfected.
(A) are (D) to be
(B) were (E) have been
(C) is
7. The development of solar energy for public use ………. rather slow due to the high cost of production.
(A) have been (D) they have been
(B) has been (E) are being
(C) it has been
8. None of the beauty contestants ……….. to wear bikini provided by the committee.
(A) refuses (D) refuse
(B) are refusing (E) they refuse
(C) to refuse
9. All the doctors in our hospital have their own practice room and each of them ……… a nurse to assist him.
(A) needs (D) need
(B) they need (E) to need
(C) he needs
10. A number of students ……….. complaining about the test.
(A) is (D) being
(B) are (E) been
(C) be



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