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Word Order

Word Order membahas penempatan subjek, predikat, objek dan komplemen dalam suatu kalimat sesuai dengan jabatan dan fungsinya.
Aturan pola normal susunan kalimat bahasa inggris sebagai berikut:
Ket waktu
Who, which,
Who?which, what
Ket. Tempat
Ket waktu
Last week
to the movie
A very good seat
to the restaurant
last night
– Keterangan waktu bisa di letakkan baik di awal maupun di akhir kalimat. Namun paling sering di akhir kalimat.
– Subjek selalu di ikuti oleh predikat lalu objek, adverb dan keterangan tempat.
– Berbeda dengan adverb of manner yang biasanya diletakkan setelah objek, adverb, of frequency/ keterangan intensitas (never, seldom, often, usually dan sebagainya) diletakkan sebelum kata kerja utama.
– Apabila terdapat dua objek: objek langsung/direct object (D.O) dan tak langsung/ Indirect object (I.O). Objek tak langsung biasanya diletakkan
sebelum objek langsung. Di lain pihak bilamana objek langsung di letakkan sebelum objek tak langsung, sebelum objek tak langsung harus diletakkan/ditambah „to‟ atau „for‟
Ati usually writes me a long letter on my birthday.
S K. Inten P I.O D.O Ket.waktu
She was driving the car very fast on the highway yesterday
S P O adv.manner ket.tempat ket.waktu
Tuti never forgets to send me a bird day card
S ket.inten P I.O D.O
– Urutan kata sifat (adjective) biasanya ditentukan dengan meletakkan kata sifat terdekat pada benda yang di jelaskannya, dilanjutkan dengan kata sifat yang kurang dekat dan seterusna. Untuk mudahnya, berikut urutan formal:
1. Both, all, half the
2. Ordinal number (first, last)
3. Cardinal number (one, three)
4. General judgement (bad, good, nice, beautiful)
5. General mental judgement (intelligent, stupid)
6. Measurement (big, tall)
7. Age or temoerature (old, young, hot)
8. Shape (round, square)
9. Color (red, green)
10. Verb participle form (carved, boiling)
11. Material (wooden)
12. Origin, nationality (French, Mediterranean)
13. Noun in apposition (steel, cigarette)
All the first three competitors broke the record. (1, 2, 3, 14)
There was a round green spot on the carved wooden Japanese screen. (9, 10, 14 dan 2, 11, 12, 13, 14)
He had a beautiful old ivory chess piece. (5, 8, 12, 14)
Exercise for Word Order
1. “What do you think about the location of our new restaurant?”
“Excellent, ___ in the center of the town.”
(A) which location is strategical
(B) location is strategically
(C) it is strategically located
(D) it strategically is located
(E) the strategical location
2. “Can I reserve the room for new year eve?”
“I‟m sorry Sir, ___ until new year.”
(A) our hotel fully is reserved
(B) our hotel is filly reserved
(C) our hotel to be fully reserved
(D) our hotel be fully reserved
(E) fully our hotel is reserved
3. “What if your father asks you about the scratch on his car?”
“ ___ that it is my fault.”
(A) I told simply him
(B) I simply am telling him
(C) I will simply tell him
(D) I simply would tell him
(E) Simply I would tell him
4. It is believed that ___ city of Ambon will take a long time to rebuild.
(A) the damage is tremendously
(B) it is the tremendously damaging
(C) the tremendously damaged
(D) it is tremendously damaged
(E) The tremendously damaging
5. To face the globalization era in 2020, improvement in all sectors of the economy ___.
(A) highly necessitated (D) are necessarily high
(B) is highly necessary (E) are highly necessitated
(C) the necessity is very high


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